Looking for a rental venue in Gibsons? Enjoy the art on the walls as you host your next event in our gallery.

The gallery can be rented by the hour, with fees of $15.00/hour for members and $25.00/hour for non-members. Use of the kitchen is an additional $15.00 flat charge. One gallery representative will be present to open the doors, assist where necessary and lock up. GPAG can provide folding tables and chairs and limited other items, such as glassware, if needed. Liquor and food may be served but applicants must comply with local health and liquor licensing guidelines. Obtaining a special event permit (liquor license) and providing a certified (Serving it Right) server is the responsibility of the applicant.

In some cases the gallery may agree to co-present ticketed events. In this case the gallery and the applicant will split the ticket revenue (percentage negotiable) in lieu of rental fees. GPAG offers use of the gallery and kitchen, email announcements to members and a presence on our website and social media, non-financial planning assistance from the Special Events Committee, and the printing of posters for display at the gallery. 

Please fill out our Event Proposal Form and return it by email to or to GPAG in person. We will be in touch shortly to confirm the availability of the gallery for the dates requested and to discuss your proposal. If you have any questions please contact us for more information on renting our lovely gallery in the heart of historic Gibsons Landing!


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