Opening reception: Saturday November 12, 2pm-4pm.

Main Gallery:

The Longview | Jan Poynter

“The Longview is a format… an aspect… a way of thinking. This is a series of iconic landscapes seen through the branches and forest of local tree species, in a long horizontal format. Seasonal scenes and realistic backgrounds are painted in a subtle tonalist style, overprinted with boldly executed foreground silhouettes. The graphic drama of the foreground branches entice the viewer, drawing them into the distant ‘longview’ through the patterns of negative space.”

Eve Smart Gallery:


The Art of Being There | Paul Clancy

“You can travel anywhere in the world and see all the famous sites, buy books of the famous art and tour the amazing. It is far more difficult to dig into the culture and reach a true understanding of where you really are. This is a beginning attempt.”

Sponsored by:

Alison Sawyer, Gibsons BC Law Office

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