The artists will be in attendance on Saturday, July 30 from 2pm – 4pm. Please join us.

LAARA CERMAN | Codex Pacificus

Laara Cerman is an artist based in Vancouver, BC. Her work explores the intersection of art, science, and history through investigating patches of wildness that survive within suburban and urban landscapes. Her explorations continue into the forests of British Columbia where she aims to teach herself how to see the diversity of the forest floor in the midst of an era where this knowledge has lost its priority but not its importance.

Laara created the photographs in Codex Pacificus by capturing multiple digital images pieced together in post-production, a skill she has mastered through working as a freelance retoucher in the commercial photography industry. Her exhibition also features a special interactive musical installation entitled Flora’s Song.

REAVE DENNISON | Under 60 Tons

Reave Dennison was born in Sechelt and raised in Grantham’s Landing/Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast, BC. Proximity of the ocean is important to him and his work. Growing up in Gibsons offered a unique perspective and ability to speak to the local community through his artistic practice. By way of his photography, Reave celebrates the mystery and behind-the-scenes lifestyle of tow boats running near our Coast, a fascination to him when he was younger. His work provides meaningful insight into the workings of the vessels and their crews.

Reave’s entire project was shot on 35mm film, hand-processed and printed in a darkroom. The hands-on nature of Reave’s process is a direct reflection of the industry he has aimed to capture in Under 60 Tons. A commemorative book of this project will also be available during the exhibition.

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