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Sarah Ronald | TERRITORY (mixed media)

TERRITORY is an exploration of boundaries, represented by wildlife camera ‘captures’. The visual language created by these images symbolize much more than portraits of animals in the absence of humans. On the contrary, the very existence of wildlife cameras and the resulting portrayals are very much a reflection of human behaviour and our complicated relationship with the natural world.

These wildlife camera captures are for me, as an artist, about speaking in a language that identifies this complex relationship. It is a relationship so unnatural that words quickly complicate and trigger further discussion, leaving the key issue of humans’ sensory disconnect from nature still abound. The blurred forms, implied movements, unnatural lighting, heightened contrast, muffled darkness, and foreign landscapes speak of an existence that is evacuated, exposed, incomplete, unrestful, surreal, vulnerable and highly sensory.

Is this how wild animals have always lived? Or are humans causing heightened anxiety for all species, not just our own?

To watch a video of this exhibition, see our YouTube channel.

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