Opening reception: Saturday January 16, 2 pm – 4 pm

Main Gallery:

Retrospective | Donna Balma

“Donna has an arresting vocabulary of images. In her paintings the images take on a visceral structure, are bold and vigorous, full of energy and excess – with a hint of being erotic. Her prints and drawings on the other hand, are creations of detail and minutiae. It is in these mediums that the rhythm and pulse of her work take on a more medievalist manner. They are mazes of intricacy and examination – a personal odyssey of adventure and discovery. They are complex confrontations, begging for time and careful reading “ – R. B. Wainwright, RCA Find out more about Donna Balma by visiting her Facebook page.

Eve Smart Gallery:


Dying Slowly In Your Memory | Natasha Vukovic

“My installation is based on the subject of memory and how memory changes over time. I want to remind the viewer how important memories shape our identities. However, we have no direct control over it and only our subconscious mind makes decisions about what to take out and what to leave in. My plan is to reveal the complexity and fragility of memory by using thin and transparent Japanese paper and transparent fabric. Some of the prints are torn and damaged with holes in them to suggest deletion of memory. Also, some parts of fabric are cut and sewn to show the vulnerability of our thoughts.” Find out more about Natasha Vukovic by visiting her website or Facebook page.

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