No Opening Reception

Coral Arrand

‘Fascinating Women’ (oils)

“This series connects my passion for painting portraits with my admiration for strong, vibrant, and inspiring women.  My goal in creating the portraits of these “fascinating women”, therefore, is not just to create a pleasant likeness, but to connect the viewer to the energy, the power, and the uniqueness of these individual women.”


The Artist, The Muse

Jayme Chalmers

‘Sculptures from Books’ (mixed media)

“I sculpt portraits from books – not from blocks of steel, stone or wood but from blocks of paper and bindings. As with many other sculptural media, material is removed, revealing the image in what remains. The portraits concentrate on notions of the ‘performative’ and the idea of expressing and changing how we feel through our actions.”


13 'Nowin Technicolor’

Main Gallery:

Kasia Krolikowska

‘Let’s Face It’ (digital art)

“This collection of works takes my conceptual ideas on abstraction to the next level by adding the dimension of fluidity to original and collected images via the aid of digital technology. The emotions evoked by poetry, surreal prose, music are as important as visual stimuli in my work. I.…….convey this intuitively.… way of a distilled compilation of ideas.”



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