Celebrating African Grandmothers, Heroes of the Continent

January 9 – January 27, 2014

This is the third in a series of fundraising exhibitions by the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Organized by the Royal City Gogos and hosted by the Sunshine CoastGrandmothers and GrandOthers group. The art consists of 40 pieces: sculpture, painting, collage, fibre and textile art and more, that tell the story of the hope and small triumphs which light the way to victory over the AIDS pandemic. One of our local artist’s work was chosen by jurors. The exhibition has been on display in 13 centres in western Canada.

It will return to its starting point, New Westminster, on the eve of International Women’s Day, March 7, 2014, for a gala auction. Bidding information is available at the exhibition. The artwork provides a window to the world of sub-Saharan African grandmothers and celebrates their tireless work for a safer and brighter future for the next generation.

Vancouver Gogos
Stephen Lewis Foundation

This British Columbia non-profit art gallery was proud to partner in this experience with such a global reach.

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