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How can I help out?

If you can offer a few hours each week or month, you’ll make a significant difference to Gallery operations. Opportunities abound to have fun and make a positive impact to GPAG. Volunteers are the heart, head and muscle of Gibsons Public Art Gallery, a non-profit society art gallery. Whether it’s the Gallery Attendant you meet when you walk in the door, the person who sends you your advance-notice email, the treasurer who balances the books, the unseen hero who vacuums the stairs or makes coffee for the artists receptions, s/he is probably a volunteer. With very few exceptions, the Gallery is staffed and administered by volunteers.

Call the Gallery 604-886-0531 to learn more about volunteer opportunities to fit your time and talents. The latest version of the Volunteer Orientation Manual is available at the desk.

When you fill in your Membership Form in person at the gallery or online, there’s an opportunity to sign up as a volunteer. If you do not need to sign up as a member but you are interested in volunteering you can register as a volunteer below.


Gallery Attendants

If you have a couple of hours each week or each month, or now and then, consider training to be a GPAG desk attendant. You’ll meet interesting neighbours and tourists who share your love of art and you’ll be able to view the exhibitions at your leisure.

If one of your gifts is hospitality and you love welcoming guests, setting out light refreshments (and even cleaning up) … you’ll love being a GPAG Reception Assistant. This role requires only a few hours at the opening of each exhibition (Saturday afternoons, about once every 3-6 weeks).


Gallery Spruce-up Crew

Like to work behind the scenes, perhaps in the evening or between exhibitions? Grab your painting shirt and join a Gallery Spruce-up Crew! Between every exhibition GPAG has one day, or an evening, to patch nail holes and roll a fresh coat of paint onto the gallery walls. A couple of hours is greatly appreciated.


Installing Exhibitions

If you can level a level, use a hammer without hitting your thumb, gallery-clean glass, type or cut out labels, we’ll hand you a pair of white cotton gallery gloves and welcome you to the team as an Installation Assistant. Helping to install an exhibition is not only a creative exercise in teamwork … it’s fun to be in on the planning, placing and pre-view of the show!

If you have a special talent, interest, or skill not listed here get in touch with us. We would love to hear your ideas and work together to find a role for you at GPAG!

The job of the Volunteer Coordinator is held by Delma Lobo. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. Call the gallery at 604-886-0531 or email us at

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