A temporary immersive installation created by artist Gordon Halloran

Monday, March 11th: timed entry from 6:30 PM, admission free.

Gibsons Public Art Gallery announces a pop-up exhibit for one evening only, Monday evening, March 11th from 6:30 -9:30, entitled ‘The Smoking Room’ by artist Gordon Halloran. The interactive temporary, immersive installation can be experienced during a three hour window.

This will be a site-specific, immersive installation made up of a self-contained room filled with an artificial environment, created by the artist. The Smoking Room is designed to raise the consciousness of our own vulnerability in the face of extreme climate change.

Visitors to the exhibition will be invited by the artist to don a cosmetic breathing mask provided on entry to the exhibit. At the conclusion of their visit, they are also encouraged to take their mask with them, and to wear it outside into the street as they make their way home. Each mask worn in public will continue to raise awareness of the continuing threat of wildfires in our community.

Gordon Halloran writes: “Humans have essentially come to dominate the planet on every possible front and yet our collective environmental consciousness has not kept pace with this troubling ascendancy. Our awareness of the reality of Climate Change and its effect on our countries, our cities and ourselves has been muted by our fear of facing the consequences of catastrophic changes in our environment.

“‘The Smoking Room’ offers a possible tipping point —a potentially disturbing yet mysteriously beautiful confrontation with the dangerous reality of our world mastery. The Smoking Room invites us to come face to face with this complicity. It compels us to consider a future where towering flames could eventually surround us all.”

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