Meet the Artist: Connie Sabo Sunday October 25, 11am to 4:30pm (Art Crawl)

Meet the Artist: Connie Sabo Sunday November 1, 11am to 4pm.

The Journey Begins Where It Ends | Connie Sabo

(mixed media)

“Time passes….what do we value?…. how can we transform?…what gives us life?…  These thoughts go through my mind as I continue to develop this current body of work, which explores concepts relating to cycles, notions of being, and relationships that intertwine with the past present and future. I transform the mundane, and play with scale to consider a different perspective and challenge perceptions.  My material is simple and humble; discarded newspaper, that I deconstruct, reconstruct, and transform.  Hundreds and hundreds of sheets of newspaper, daily records of our most recent history are torn into thousands of long thin strips.  Each strip is hand twisted and tightly spun to create skeins of yarn, ready to take on a new existence and significance.  This new large-scale woven newspaper installation of trunk-like forms flowing from ceiling to floor will offer an immersive experience where the viewer moves in and out and through the work.”

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