Opening reception: Saturday April 9, 2 PM – 4 PM

Main Gallery:

Lost and Found and Broken | Derek von Essen

“I recycle and recontextualize discarded objects to create and overcome compositional challenges of combining the materials. Much like building a puzzle, I get the same thrill from using salvaged items when they form a connection to each other. As these parts are acquired–often from alleys and construction sites, I feel an obligation to the materials and enjoy finding new purpose for them.”

Eve Smart Gallery:

Nature’s Gallery Underfoot: a Visual Meditation | Bodhi Drope

Bodhi Drope’s exhibition is about Looking, not Seeing. It is a visual meditation and asks the question, “Am I unconsciously imposing bias on what I see?” He has assembled this exhibition to highlight the phenomenon from Nature where one’s unconscious projections contribute to the veil-obscuring conscious seeing.

My reawakened inner child transformed the act of Looking into the Art of SEEING; scanning and absorbing every detail.

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