April 18 – May 20

Photographs by Mario Traina and Dean Van’t Schip.

Dean Van’t Schip

Colours in the Forest

Born and raised on BC’s beautiful Sunshine Coast and now living in Roberts Creek, Dean has been photographing the natural environment for over 30 years.

His appreciation for the beauty and biodiversity of this unique area comes through in his high definition medium format transparencies and high resolution digital images.

Dean is a regular contributor to the stock photo agency All Canada Photos and has had images published in publications such as Over Beautiful BC, the Encyclopedia of BC, Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest, Pacific Yachting, Whistler the Magazine and Hasselblad Forum. Tourism BC, the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, the Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society and Harbour Publishing have all used his images in books, magazines, calendars, brochures and cards over the past 20 years.

”Photography of nature is a great passion of mine, since I was young I’ve appreciated, and been amazed by, the beauty and diversity of our natural surroundings.”

”My goal is accomplished when at least some of what I felt is passed on to the viewer. We live in a spectacular part of the world and through photography I hope to record glimpses of nature at its best for future generations to come.”

Garden Bay photographer Mario Traina, GPAG, Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Sunshine Coast art gallery, Sechelt

Mario Traina

Summer Snows

Recently, I have been fascinated with marrying black & white digital photography and the natural beauty this province and world offers. Specifically, infrared black & white digital photography.

My strongest ability I feel, is my composition. Regardless of what equipment I am using, what I see and visualize as a captured image of time, will ultimately satisfy me. Although technically trained as a commercial photographer, my toolbox now is the sun, shadow and clouds.

Unlike the control of the studio, nature can sometimes offer a very small window for me to either help me create my next image or simply tease me enough for a future visit.

I mention a basic tool of photography as composition with the intention of making the viewer aware, that although today we are inundated with other tools like software and hardware, inkjet printing and internet, one should never allow key elements like light, shadow, or composition be overlooked… or worse, not used at all. I feel strongly connected to this medium and hope that it can inspire the viewer as well.

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