A Perfect Ten

Nov 7 – Dec 9, 2013

Sponsored by: Telus

Curated by: Bodhi Drope

Supported by:
The Town of Gibsons
Sunshine Coast Regional District E & F
Government of BC Access
BC Arts Council
Gibsons Rotary Club
Sunshine Coast Credit Union
Government of Canada Human Resources
Spirit of BC

Platinum Donors:
Mudito & Bodhi Drope
Wayne Rowe

Gold Donors:
Dr. Donald Bland, Inc.
Klaus Fuerniss

Silver Donors:
D. Turenne Concrete
Patricia Heatherington, Prudential Sussex

Curator’s Statement

As the curator the challenge I set for myself was to assemble a body of work worthy of such an historic celebration. It was a daunting concept but one that proved to be both exciting and enlightening. The exhibition had to recognize past accomplishments but equally reflect the future for this ‘Jewel of the Sunshine Coast’.

During the process I have been extremely fortunate to spend time in many artists’ studios where they shared their particular creative journey. How intriguing it was to witness how each artist, through their choice of medium, allows access to their creative spirit calling out for physical expression. The youngest artist I had the privilege to meet is an aspiring 13 year old, while the oldest is 87. No matter the age, all are focused on mapping their personal belief systems.

When I was first drawn to the Sunshine Coast some 25 years ago, I thought it was the natural environment that was so captivating and inviting, the energy so nurturing it convinced me to make the coast my home. However I have come to realize just how unique that energy field really is. It is also the diversity of the artistic community that acts as a magnificent generator of the creative spirit. Melding with the natural environment it fuels the nurturing, living energy that we, as citizens, thrive upon.

I would like to thank all the sponsors and volunteers who have helped to make this exhibition a reality. I also want to thank all the artists who so willingly agreed to participate in this historic celebration. This eclectic collection of art work represents in part the incredible talent one can draw upon from the entire coast. As you wander amongst the art work and are suddenly overwhelmed with a heightened state of excitement. Don’t panic, take a deep breath. It’s the influence of the energy field I described captured here within this jewel, The Gibsons Public Art Gallery.
Bodhi Drope

GPAG, the First 10 Years

Memories of the Gallery’s first ten years have to do with wonderful exhibitions—but not forgetting art classes, lectures and gifts beyond compare.

Being surrounded by Art throughout the Gallery’s ten years has been remarkable; looking through past exhibition files, I am delighted at the creativity one sees from Sunshine Coast artists.

Photographer Paul Clancy is preparing a Video showing Posters from each exhibition during GPAG’s ten years. Please sit, watch and be amazed!

Another gift for me has been to talk to artists and get a sense of the fantastic journeys on which they have embarked.

And it is not always “glory days”… There is a lot of rejection in the art world. GPAG itself has had some very difficult times, but always seems to have come though great losses – such as Per Winther’s death – and great gifts, such as Eve Smart’s legacy and the resulting move to an accessible art space.

Among the exhibitions I recall fondly, the “Hallelujah!” Tribute to Leonard Cohen does stand out. All those involved in that exhibition, including all the artists and Curator Manon Staiger, Publicist Esther North and coordinators Rod Olafson, Martha Royea and Yvonne Van Heddegem along with Sheila Mullen and a great crew, were total ‘stars’ in my book. And I have told the Leonard Cohen Invitation story countless times…

Art is a human expression which will never die. There are ‘fads’ and experiments in art which will not last, but true artistic expression will survive. Do not forget the hand of the artist in these days of computer art, video art, minimalism, multiple prints, etc.

The touch of a great artist on paper, canvas, glass, film, wood, metal or stone is a miracle of humanity which I hope will not be lost in the complex new world we are entering.
Patricia Trainor Drope, B.A.,
GPAG Board member

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