When Stones Speak

April 3 – April 28, 2014

Pauline Lawson

Pauline has been involved in the Gibsons Public Art Gallery since its earliest days. She has exhibited there often over the years, as she will again from 5th- 28th April, 2014. When Stones Speak, An Installation: Acrylic Inks – Poetry on Silk. She has also shown her work both in The Sunshine Coast Arts Centre in Sechelt, and other Coast galleries.

Pauline uses mainly acrylic inks, sometimes with a watercolour technique. Initially, her work was very detailed, full of whimsy and humour, in bright colours. Her love of Persian art gave her a taste for miniatures. Her miniatures of everyday life became popular when Pauline had her own studio gallery in Gibsons where she exhibited and sold her work for some years. While there, she began painting powerful mandalas on big canvases, in turn leading to her mystical icons which are full of vibrant colour, goldleaf, symbols, and imagery. She says “The language of colour is a thread running through all my work.”

To watch a video of this exhibition, see our YouTube channel.

‘When Stones Speak’

An Installation
Acrylic inks – Poetry on Silk
By Artist Pauline Lawson

This installation was inspired one year ago. Stones, as old
as time, used by humans for good or bad.
Flints as weapons, Rocks used in anger, Stone Books,
Pet Rocks, a never-ending communion.
Stonehenge, Stone Circles, their consciousness resounding
down the ages. Always building. Creating; the Beautiful
Mystery of Stones. Gems in a child’s Bucket
“A stone, shaped like a heart
Polished by the Waves
Warmed by your hand,
A love-letter with your Name on it.”

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