Opening reception: Saturday February 7, 2 pm – 4 pm

Artists’ Presentation: Sunday February 15, 2 pm – 4 pm

“False Perspectives” End of Show Artist Talk: Saturday February 28, 2015

Main Gallery:

Still Life | Sirulnikoff, Spira, & Nelson

Alan Sirulnikoff

“Scattered detritus cast off and tumbled by the ocean; discarded leaves and other remnants dropped from trees……This series continues my long-term interest in death, decay and change as part of the cycle of life.  As I delve deeper into this subject the question arises: In these apparently inanimate objects, is there still a mythic life, another story to be told?”

Maurice Spira

“My still life paintings consist of an assemblage of objects, the juxtaposition of which may reveal relationships that suggest a narrative of some sort.  Though I continue to experience a deep ambivalence over the very concept of ‘civilization’, while at the same time noting a certain macabre and comic quality to our lives, paradoxically, I still strive for ‘order’ in my work.”


Richard Nelson

“The film is an interpretation of Alan Sirulnikoff’s powerful and evocative photographs in another context than they are usually seen, a kind of alternate reality with suggestions or glimpses of the world around us as it may exist; sometimes from a fanciful or mythical perspective, and at times discovering the images between or within the images.”

Eve Smart Gallery:

False Perspectives | Torrance Beamish

End of Show Talk: Saturday February 28, 2015

“I believe that decoration and pattern are effective tools to activate physical space and engage the viewer in a psychological space. Particularly drawing on the history of ceramics as a material in craft practices and architectural applications, my work examines painting and sculpture as an architectural element and ceramics as a staple of architectural form and design.”


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