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March 1 – March 31, 2014

GPAG’s annual young peoples art exhibition, a celebration of emerging artists 2-18 invited artworks in all mediums and welcomes participants to work and learn with a team of mentor/curators. As always, it was a very exciting show!

This year’s Young People’s Art Show partnered with the Gibsons and District Public Library which celebrated its 100th Anniversary.

Says curator and Gallery Vice-President Joanna Mackenzie-Enga: “Words of Art” reflects the theme of “text”, specially chosen for this year’s partnership with The Gibsons and District Public Library which is celebrating its 100th birthday. The works of art submitted are “an amazing and inspiring assortment of drawings, paintings, mixed media, including photography, video and sculpture, all from the perspective of our young people.”
J. Mackenzie-Enga.

Sunday March 2: Curator’s Talk and Emoji Design 3-6pm ! The young people are encouraged to join with curators Sara Gillingham, Laurel Sukkau and Jean Pierre Makosso to look at all the works to be hung, and to design an Emoji for the Public Art Piec e. An Emoji is a text message symbol, for example, like the smiling faces that internet users often attach to their messages. An example will be created by the young people and hung on the marquee above the entrance to the gallery.

All participants received a $10 gift card from Lisa’s Framing and Art Supplies.

Enjoy an entertaining time-lapse videos, by Bjorn Enga, of ‘Words of Art’ events, also Jean Pierre Makosso’s story telling in real time. The films are sequential with a gap between, so be patient.

Sponsored by:

Dr. Andrew Mackenzie Inc.

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