Main Gallery:


Restless Fables | Meghan Hildebrand

September 19 – October 13

Opening reception: Saturday September 20, 2 pm – 4 pm

“Masks came about as a way to combine place, memory and sense of self. My childhood in the Yukon was rich with art and storytelling. In particular, the indigenous art affected me with its stylized representations of nature and animals in dreamlike compositions. The European fables and fairytales I enjoyed were less mysterious, but also used animals and mythological creatures as allegory for human stories. When I started to create my own work, what emerged were landscapes inhabited by animals and symbols, but with the narrative unexplained, leaving room for active engagement between the work and the viewer. The mask is a way to further invite a viewer into the work – the face is so identifiable and universal, yet we can each relate to it in such a personal way.” – Meghan Hildebrand.

Eve Smart Gallery:


This Small Migration | Suzy Arbor

September 19 – October 13

‘This small migration is a series of paintings inspired by my commute from the Sunshine Coast to Vancouver.  In this body of work I am documenting the moments in this journey when I am surprised by beauty.  The paintings are about actively seeking beauty in the sometimes onerous day to day activities that make up our lives.’ ~ Suzy Arbor


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