Opening reception: Saturday September 19, 2 pm – 4 pm

Opening reception: Saturday September 19, 2 pm – 4 pm

Paradigm | Liz, Jan, and Hanelize de Beer

This unique collaboration and exhibit takes work outside of the gallery involving all three artists from one family. Altered landscapes were developed in back country locations, using the talent of each collaborator to its fullest extent. These altered landscapes are exposed to the elements and to the surprise of whoever finds them, and were photographed to be displayed at the Gallery. The exhibition also includes individual and other collaborative works in a variety of media.

Watch the video for “Paradigm” below:

Interior Geography | Gina Miller

“Although rooted in an abstract tradition, my work makes clear references to the natural world. I have developed a body of painting work that is informed by the tradition of biomorphic abstraction and inspired by contemporary neuroscience and the practice of meditation. For me, painting is an act that brings me fully into the present moment; a performance of mindfulness.”

Don’t miss the installation currently modifying the gallery’s roofline.

Online you can enjoy the flying crow animation, despite the ever changing background. If one clicks on a panel of the animation (see the link above), the animation stops and one can read the story of each panel individually. Click again to re-start.

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