A Mysterious Attraction (mixed media)

Meet the artists: Saturday, October 7: 12noon – 2pm; Artists Talk: 1pm

The exhibition consists of eight to 12 painted wooden doors including folding doors, 12 gouged wooden paintings and six to eight fluid paintings. Several smaller works by each artist, some of which can be spun by viewers will also be incorporated.

In this body of work the artists explore the force of gravity artistically. This mixed media presentation aims to engage viewers visually and physically in the experience. These works are imaginative representations, however each of the works was made using gravitational force directly and some can be activated by it.

The works are informed by abstract expressionism, spin, and fluid art. In the 1950’s Eugene Pera began spinning canvases vertically. This technique was modified by several illustrious artists since then including Jean Tinguely, Alfons Schilling, and Annick Gendron and Damien Hirst more recently. Fluid painting originated in the 1930’s with Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros. Pouring or splashing paint was popularized by abstract expressionists Jackson Pollock and Helen Frankenthaler. An interest in art and science brought these artists together, sharing a curiosity about the visible and invisible world around us.

To see a video of this exhibition, check out our YouTube Channel.

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