Meet the artist, Thursday, November 17 from 2pm – 4pm

Damla Tamer is a visual artist born in Istanbul, Turkey and currently practicing on the unceded Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh territories (Vancouver). Works in the exhibition deal with language – implying a group of written and spoken symbols but also a mode in which to order, manage, anticipate, and make sense of things. Many works in the exhibition respond to the political history of Turkey after the 2013 Gezi protests and manifestations of a rising neoliberal authoritarianism, with its appeals to security and attempts to create a constant supply of emergencies. The interference of legal documents -such as governmental decrees – in the order of human activities, the breaking down of felt linearity of time in the face of violent events, and the constant transformation of anger’s inward and outward dimensions are some of the themes explored through the works.

One of the series features letter size “documents” – handmade paper sheets with textile components embedded in them during the paper making process. Intricate works made with oya, a needle lace technique, feature the hot pepper motif in various configurations. These works are accompanied by woven paper tapestries.

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