Artist Walkthrough: Saturday November 29, 2 pm – 4 pm

Opening reception: Saturday November 15, 2 pm – 4 pm

Main Gallery:

Video – Pictures | Ross Muirhead

“The content of these works addresses a wide variety of issues, such as landscape, economic, urban sprawl, local responses to global issues – with corresponding political-social implications…… Since the 20th century, the traditional visual arts have either ignored or attempted to integrate new developments in image-making technology, such as photography, film and broadcast TV, and commercial graphic arts.

Eve Smart Gallery:

Coastal Silent Witness | Kelly Findlay

“I seek to convey the true beauty that I find in my surroundings through photographic expression. Capturing the beauty I find along beaches and forest trails is an extension of my silent witness. The Serene Moments I come upon mean more to me than rewarding photographs. My work with my camera is also a deep spiritual experience. My main focus is nature and eagles.

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