JOANNA ROGERS | Hanging By A Thread: The Illusion of Permanence (textiles)

This textile based exhibition in the Main Gallery brings together three separate but linked bodies of work. The first body of work consists of a series of weavings, each containing a different morse code message. They are a visual representation of the Chorus in a Greek tragedy, providing a repetitious running commentary on the fate of our endangered species and, ultimately, on ourselves. The second body of work consists of pieces fashioned after a vintage woman’s shift, all of which comment on the global destruction of species and habitats in our rush to harvest the remaining natural resources, whatever the cost. The third body of work is a series of “war belts” inspired by paleolithic string skirts and Incan quipus (a form of proto writing), each containing an entire morse code poem and each dedicated to a mythical, historical or contemporary woman. An underlying theme to this body of work is that of the mutability of history; how the interpretation of historical events reflects the biases of the historian. Rogers works with textiles, found objects and photographs and with traditional surface design techniques such as hand dying, shibori, and hand weaving.

Rogers has lived on Pender Island, part of the traditional lands of the Tsawout First Nation, since 1999. Her current practice is driven primarily by her response to the continuing destruction of the natural environment. She draws on past academic studies in Anthropology and Textile Art History as well as on new research into related contemporary issues. Rogers holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Trent University and an A.F.A in Textile Arts from Capilano University. She has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions in British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Washington, and in travelling exhibitions across Canada.

To watch a video of this exhibition, see our YouTube channel.

INES TANCRÉ | In-Versions (photography)

This exhibition by Ines Tancré in the Main Gallery uses photography to question the reality and truth of what we see. Tancré’s work communicates the link between thinking and feeling, between knowing and guessing, between appearance and the beyond. Some of the images deal with change and fleetingness, others aim at interpreting a story behind the surface. Adding or eliminating features to or from the original images in Tancré’s photographs creates multiple layers of meaning and includes the viewer in a process meant to challenge the habitual. Skin and folds hold mystery. Lines pointing beyond the visual art work, additional
colours and markers carry meaning. A moment in time and presumed opposites disintegrate in a larger context. The repetitive filtering to allow for minimalist artistic representation on the one hand and allowing for the creation of a bridge for storytelling on the other represents a duality in Tancré’s work that is and has been an ongoing challenge.

Born and raised in Germany, Tancré now lives and works on the Sunshine Coast. After gaining a PhD in Linguistics and Philosophy Tancré worked in a variety of fields during postings in Iran, Sierra Leone, Canada, Norway, Egypt, Germany, Italy, USA and Austria. As co-founder of the German American Artists she represented the group in Europe until coming to Canada in 2010. She has exhibited her work in solo exhibitions in Canada, Monaco, Germany, and America and has participated in group exhibitions in Canada, America, and Germany. Making different countries home every couple of years has shaped her way of perceiving and judging, and together with topical focuses in her studies, has led to an underlying theme in her work which investigates how we experience our reality.

To watch a video of this exhibition, see our YouTube channel.

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