Meet the artists, Saturday April 1, 12noon-2pm.


In Finding Animus Vancouver artist Kitty Blandy addresses how it feels to be animal, and the empathic actions that may result. Blandy presents several series of mixed media artwork in 2D and 3D. Using drawing and sculpture as means of translation, the works in this exhibition have as much to do with being in, as looking at a body.

By presenting bodies both recognizable and ambiguous, and as sites of sensation, Blandy invites viewers to recognize our shared animality, vulnerability, and existence. Blandy also aims to engage with the local community and think about the impact we have on this place, where the natural flora and fauna retain their primacy.

Blandy has shown her work extensively in solo and collaborative exhibitions throughout Canada as well as in the United Kingdom. Her work is held in private and public collections in Canada, the United Kingdom, Malta and Ukraine.

To watch a video of this exhibition please see our YouTube channel.


In Shadow Box Roberts Creek artist Gordon Halloran presents a photographic study of personal judgement, the isolating grief it creates in humans, and social comparison. The digitally altered photographs explore how individuals perceive, interpret, and compare each other and the QR codes that accompany each photograph will offer an interactive portal for audience commentary. It is an interactive laboratory for examining issues related to reasoning, memory, stereotyping, and ultimately judgement.

Halloran is a Canadian artist who has exhibited internationally and across Canada. Well known for his public art installations, Halloran is also an accomplished illustrator and filmmaker and has taught at both Emily Carr University of Art and Design and the Ontario College of Art. He has represented Canada during the Olympics in Turin, Italy and in Vancouver, BC.

To watch a video of this exhibition please see our YouTube channel.

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