I Repeat : Kez Sherwood & Nadina Tandy

May 23 – June 24, 2013

Kez Sherwood

Kez Sherwood is a designer/ artist whose inspirations are rooted in the natural world, modern design, fine art & experimentation. She is in the 3D Design Cert. Program at Emily Carr.

Video above by Kez’s son Dexter Dynamo Schmidt Sherwood. Nice work, Dexter!

Kez is one half of ox + monkey design & fabrication with her welder – fabricator husband, Jeremy Clement. They work together as a design build team on high quality custom aluminum projects such as professional artist frames, furniture and prototypes.

“in Chinese Astrology it is said that the ox can be materialistic. If you have ever seen my car then you know I have taken this trait to heart in a different vein. I am a materiologist. I love materials, in and out of context, I see no reason to limit myself whatsoever in experimentation or expression of materials. They excite me in ridiculous ways and I push materials without constraint except for time and money. Mainly that I have to spend my time making money. If I didn’t I would be experimenting in materials probably all day long.”

Nadina Tandy

As a young child in Vancouver, BC, Nadina Tandy used to draw on every surface she could find: inside book jackets, on door jambs, the underside of tables.

“I had this constant impulse to make my internal world visible,” she says. “One of my strongest memories is of taking my mother\’s red lipstick to the clean white sheets on my parents\’ bed. As soon as the oil touched the sheet and I felt how easily it slid across the surface, I was hooked.

I love exploring patterns that appear in nature and superimposing them on different images to see what new meanings arise.”

Tandy earned a Fine Arts diploma from Langara College, Vancouver in 1985 then went on to study drawing and painting at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver and photography at Concordia University, Montreal. She has an extensive exhibition history with works in various private and public collections and her art is featured in Artists of British Columbia, volume four.

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