Kaleidoscope : Family Grainge & Others

September 5 – October 7, 2013

Photographs by the Family Grainge & Others.

Steve Cormack

Ramona Cormack

Ingrid Grainge

Brett Grainge – Plein Air

Sara Lipi

My parents have given me LOVE since I was born and I learned with both of them that LOVE is a fire that burns unseen and then they let the life to teach me the rest.

My latest work is based on a poem by Luis de Camoes called “Love is a fire that burns unseen” which I’ve known this poem since I was little but could only understand it best now that I’m grown.

I love expressing myself through photography and films and I decided to put together all the digital photographs that I’ve taken during 3 years to resume all the happy and sad feelings that I’ve learned through LOVE during my whole life.

Love for me is the most powerful emotion that humans have and it can be perfect when we love someone and he or she loves us back but it can be very painful if our feelings don’t match and then we can experience different feelings that bring sadness instead happiness; regardless, we still have to believe that LOVE is everything we need to light our lives on so here I am always applying and looking for LOVE.

John John

John John has turned 3 years old and has been growing in a family of artists. His interest for taking pictures has come from his grandma Ingrid Grainge who has always taken one million pictures of him since he was born and also from his mom Sarah Lipi who started to ask him to take her pictures with friends when there was nobody around to take it for her and John John did and still does a great job! His dad Brett Grainge figured out that John John is a good photographer and also started to ask him to take his pictures as well.

John John is a very organized child and he has always helped his mom to clean up after his mess.

The garbage that people throw in the street really bothers him and he’s been always catching the garbage from the floor to put it in the trash can which it’s sometimes very close to the garbage found on the floor so why don’t people put the garnage in the trash can instead?

His mom and he went to the park a few weeks ago and found it so dirty and they both decided to clean it up but before that John John took pictures of all the dirt on the floor to show to the kids and their parents how dirty it was before.

We have to encourage our kids to take a good care of our environment because of the future generation and a good care means a positive and happy life!

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