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Fibre and textile art, because of its tactile nature and inter-generational associations with comfort, has the ability to reach out and communicate directly with the viewer. ‘Between the Layers’ may be interpreted as multiple layers of techniques, meaning, materials or design.

Alexis Bach
Marie Barry
Nell Burns
Connie Chapman
Penny Connell
Pat Crucil
Jean Curry
Debra Dumka
Gail Hunt
Trisha Joel
Jennifer Love
Lois McArthur
Yvonne Stowell
Maureen Sugrue
Jill Sullivan
Marilynn Wiebe
Patt Wilson

To watch a video of this exhibition, see our YouTube channel.

Portal: Patt Wilson
Portal: Patt Wilson


Comments from our guest book:

Amazing variety, beauty, innovation!
Such amazing, intricate work! – Katie M.
Stunning talent – J Muir.
Beautiful! Beautiful! Loved it! – M. Cerder
Very intriguing use of fibre – Sue J.
Amazingly intricate handwork! – Marion R.
Beautiful artworks- unique and outstanding – Birutta M.
Beautiful local works! Thank you – Kelsey H.

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