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Main Gallery:

Jen Drysdale

Josefa Fritz Barham

Greta Guzek

Kirsten Guzek


“We have hope that at the core, whether quiet or radiant, life and every expression of it, is joyful; and during these Covid times staying in touch with our positive energies is imperative!”

In the muddy waters of humanity, the arts often choose to express sorrow over joy, disaster over achievement, malice over goodwill. Though opposites amplify each other, we wonder if it is harder to find symbols or marks of joy.

To watch a video of this exhibition, see our YouTube channel.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Dr. Berman, Sechelt Dental Centre

Comments from our guest book:

Wow, out of the park! – M. Baker
Such fun! returning for sure – Meredith
Stunning show! Each artist compliments the others beautifully – Coralie S.
Joy expressed, joy felt! – Michele S.
Beautiful colourful art- they are the best on the coast! – Dolores H.
Thanks- I needed that! A bright spot in our dreary time – Maureen G.
Fantastic! So light and cheerful! – Deborah A.
So much energy. Gorgeous! – Carol M.
Little bit of heaven – Wendy H.
A salve for the soul! – Patrice P.
Totally incredible! Thank you for the joy! – Rohanna R.
A joy for the eyes and soul- thank you! – Helena R.
Thank you for this gift – Karen D.
Very creative and joyful – Darcia M.
The timing of this show is perfect. Exactly what my soul needed during this chaotic time. Thank you! – Tina F.
A perfect artistic end to a lovely kayak trip – thank you – Yvonne D.
Thank you for all the concepts of “joy”. Peace inducing! – C.V.M
Innovative, colourful, wow!! – Marilyn M.
What a great show- thank you artists – Sam
Just what we need during COVID. Thanks for the clean and bright colours – K.C.
Beautiful & uplifting. Joy is right! – Katherine

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