Same, Same…but Different

Opening reception: Saturday January 10, 2 pm – 4 pm

Joanna Rogers

“Same, Same….but Different is an ever-changing collaborative exhibit by Kelly Irving and Joanna Rogers. We use this as a forum to show our new work, which in some cases has been directly influenced by an aspect of the others practice. We both love layering: images, ideas, textures; we both experiment with forms and materials in our work; we both refuse to fit ourselves into any pre-ordained pigeon holes.

Kelly Irving

Same, Same…but Different is a phrase common to SE Asia. It refers to how each of the countries is similar but differs from its neighbours. Joanna Rogers and I have similarities: we both make art which falls outside traditional classifications; our sense of humour; our interpretations of modern production techniques; our willingness to experiment: our inspirations and influences.

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