Opening reception: Saturday August 22, 2 pm – 4 pm

Main Gallery:

River Rain | Kristjana Gunnars

“I feel the River Rain series of paintings will be highly appropriate to our rainy climate, as they were painted here and done in the interesting play of light our cloudy skies afford. This series of works is actually acrylic watercolour on canvas, in various sizes, and this medium is quite unusual. Most watercolours are small and under glass, but instead of glass I have applied both isolation coating and varnish, but opaque, so the works will not ‘shine’. This finish makes the paintings friendly to all kinds of lighting situations.”

Eve Smart Gallery:

The Art of the Story | Dean Jones

“The rise of the graphic novel as a serious and adult medium for modern storytelling is a direct response to this visual world. With an ancestry in the early comic books of the 30s, the graphic novel has been adapted to tell fantastical, strange and true to life stories in a way that, at best, conveys complex and intimate human interaction through the use of illustration and written word. I call it the Art of the Story. I present a series of 29 pages of sequential art telling: the first chapter of a story called ‘Unlucky’.”

Sponsored by:

Dr. Bland, Gibsons Family Dentist

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