2003, Beginnings

In June 2003, Bodhi Drope approached mayor, Barry Janyk, with the idea of establishing a public art gallery for the community of Gibsons. The town supported the gallery with a gift of $1000.00.

Murray Drope negotiated with John de Kleer and he agreed to house the new public art gallery in the Quay Building.

The 2003 Policies and Procedures were written by Donna Hobbs, Esther North, and Deb Pepper.

The Board applied for BC Non- Profit Society status and Federal Charitable Tax Status.

Roger Handling of Terra Firma designed our GPAG Logo.

Bodhi Drope curated the 1st Invitational Art Show, in September, which exhibited the work of sixteen Coast artists. Celia Fisher, SCRD Director, cut the ribbon and the doors opened!

A Show Committee was established of hard working volunteers, who selected exhibitions as well as hung and dismantled them.

Cate Rimmer of Emily Carr’s Charles H. Scott Gallery gave Curatorial lessons and installed 3 exhibitions at GPAG , thanks to a BC Arts Council grant.

The Spinners and Weavers Guild found a place for its looms at GPAG for the next 18 months.

Memberships were $10 for an individual and $20 for a family. The goal was 200 founding members!

The first Board of Directors was formed including:
President, Patricia Drope
Vice President, Adrianne Anderson

contemporary art installations, GPAG, Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Sunshine Coast art gallery, glass, painting, mixed media

2004 – 2005

A program called ‘Meet the Artists’ brought 4 Coast artists — Ed Hill, Bradley Hunt, Pauline Lawson and Peggy Small — to GPAG to discuss well-known Canadian artists such as Emily Carr, Bill Reid, Ted Harrison and Tom Thompson.

GPAG appointed Judy Campbell as the Gallery’s Volunteer Coordinator.

Sponsorships of exhibitions became an established part of GPAG fund-raising.

Artist Submissions totaled 15. “Floats and Message Bottles”, artist Miyuki Shinkai, inspired visitors to put a message in one of 200 glass bottles which were sent out “to the universe”.

Dan Bouman built a Pin-hole Camera in the Gallery to the delight of all visitors.

GPAG began their annual Summer Student Hiring program.
President, Pat Drope
Vice President, Eleanor Abercrombie

2005 – 2006

Art classes for Children and Adults become a huge focus with Greta Guzek and student Claire Fearnley leading the way.

GPAG continued to have great support from Quay Building owners John de Kleer and Dr. Janet Webb.

The Gallery partnered with SD #46 to present children’s art work done in the style of Norval Morrisseau; his family attended the Artists’ reception and Shaman Eugene blessed the ceremony and welcomed us all in the traditional way. Teacher Lisa Pugh coordinated this exhibition.

Summer and Winter hours were established.

Esther North became the second President of GPAG,
Ken Lee the Vice President.

Squamsih Nation, BC native carvers, native art, GPAG, Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Sunshine Coast art gallery

2006 – 2007

GPAG presented the Squamish Nation Invitational Exhibition from Aug. 16 to Oct. 8.

A 3-part “Meet the Authors” series met with popular response as Rosella Leslie, Joan Proctor and Pamela Proctor-Roper shared excerpts from their writings.

The Mandate and Mission of the Gallery, primarily Exhibitions and Education, continued to guide the Board.

The Board voted to use the Professional Accounting company, Esplen & Company. The Sunshine Coast Credit Union continued as the GPAG bank.

The first mention of the Gallery’s need for an accessible space was one aspect of a Facilities Workshop held at the Library and facilitated by Cate Rimmer.

Patricia Richardson Logie asked the Gallery to advertise and jury a Bursary in her name. Two local artists, Kimiko Hawks and Jenica Vaneli were announced as the winners.
President, Esther North
Vice President, Adrianne Anderson

2007 – 2008

GPAG held a 5th Anniversary celebration and invited author Jan deGrass to deliver a lecture. She titled it “Stories about the Arts on the Sunshine Coast”. Jan suggested that GPAG begin a collection of art. GPAG also hosted a wine/cheese reception and enjoyed entertainment by Arbutus Sounds.

The Sunshine Coast Credit Union sponsored our first cotton eco-bag purchase and printing. The bag was filled with a selection of free books, all donated by members.

Because of an increase in submissions, the Board applied for a grant from Gibsons Rotary Club and turned the Molly’s Lane entry way into an additional Gallery space called the Harbour View Gallery.

Linda Mayhew became GPAG’s 1st paid Volunteer Coordinator.

Sponsors included Town of Gibsons, SCRD, Sunny Crest Mall, BC Arts Council, Areas #E & F, Tricera Imaging and BC Direct Access.

26 submissions were juried by Marge Umezuki, Bill Beamish, Ron Pepper, Eleanor Abercrombie and Deborah Pepper.
President, J. Smythe
Vice President, Ken Lee

2008 – 2009

Art Stroll in the Landing, a partnership with 8 other Art Galleries in the Landing area was coordinated by Ann Marie Brown. An original painting by Brian Romer was won by a North Vancouver visitor.

GPAG took part in the Sea Cavalcade Parade with handouts, music and a children’s art display.

The first donation to the Gallery Collection was a print given by the Estate of Winnipeg artist A.T. (Tony) Tascona, RCA , (Order of Canada).

“Come to Dinner”, with a Reception featuring appies served by 11 Restaurants on classic stoneware by Allegretti and Futterman was a crowd-pleaser!

“Three Generations of Art” highlighted the passing of creative talent from mother to daughter and to grand-daughter with each artist showing work in different mediums.
President, Pat Drope
Vice President, Eleanor Abercrombie

2009 – 2010

A GPAG original video, “Journey through the Art of Christmas” became a regular offering on Coast Cable 11. Esther North and Donna Hobbs directed the film which showed a powerful story depicted in art through the ages.

Helen Broadfoot’s, “A Show of Respect”, highlighted Human Rights, from the U.N. Charter, in powerful paintings.

A film by Paul Clancy, “What’s New at GPAG ?”, was also shown on Access TV.

“Shout Out!”, a Young People’s exhibition opened to great applause: Many thanks to Board member Joanna Mackenzie-Enga for coordinating this show. Irene Bremer and Sandy Buck were the artist mentors and installers.

Another School District #46 partnership “Pow Wow Pictures”, focused on the art of George Littlechild, with school children painting in his style and learning about Cree culture. Lisa Pugh curated and organized the show.

“Words and Image”, was a very successful open, member artist theme show, in partnership with the Gibsons Public Library.

Art Stroll in the Landing continued this year.

Sheila Mullen, GPAG ‘s reception coordinator, noted “Turning the Jeannie Harlow 27 Tide” and Tribute to Peggy Small as memorable.
President, Rod Olafson
Vice President, Paul Clancy

2010 – 2011

GPAG has grown with support from its Membership Donations, Grants and Sponsors. Most of this funding goes back into our community to pay staff, contract employees, buy supplies, pay for printing services, receptions, newspaper ads, etc. We are proud to be a growing part of the Coast’s economic community.

“Visions of Home”, a partnership exhibition and fund-raiser with Habitat for Humanity was an outstanding event. Auctioneer Ed Hill, Deb Pepper and Murray Drope with the generosity of over 50 Coast artists, raised over $13,000 dollars.

Rod Olafson organized afternoon concerts and Francois Koh and Dominic Woo played “From Bach to the Beatles”.

Manon Staiger organized an enlarged Art Stroll in the Landing by attracting restaurants and shops to take part.

Joanna Mackenzie-Enga recruited Guest Lecturer Kristjana Gunnars, with the assistance of husband Per Winther, for a Lecture Series entitled, “Understanding Contemporary Art Movements”. This was a very popular lecture series.

Kristjana Gunnars and Per Winther, to everyone’s delight, joined the Board!

Paul Clancy regularly documented Gallery Receptions and Exhibitions to show on the Gallery’s T.V Monitor.

The Harbour View Gallery changed it’s name to the Eve Smart Gallery.

“Shout Out 2”, showed 200 pieces of young people’s art work. Joanna Mackenzie-Enga invited Sandy Buck, Sara Gillingham, and Riley McFerrin to be mentor/curators for the exhibition.

The Bag o’ Books Sale continued, with an image by Ed Hill, “Sunset at Chaster Beach”, printed on the bag.

The Eve Smart Gallery continued as a popular small Gallery, showing work by Eric Drane, Linda Frimer, Larissa Hsia, Susy Naylor, Frank Proctor, Sara Lipi, Walter Smith, Dean Van’t Schip and Marlene Lowden.
President, Rod Olafson
Vice President, Paul Clancy

2011 – 2012

The Young People’s Art Show was called “Shout Out with WaterCan”. It’s theme was Water and it’s partner was Canadian NGO , WATER CAN. The Public Art piece was the word ‘WATER ‘, installed on a fence with 3000 sequins and nails by Riley McFerrin, Sara Gillingham, Hanif Janmohamed, Laurel Sukkau, Joanna Mackenzie-Enga and lots of young artists and community members created and installed the piece, which is still popular now.

The move to a new space was made possible by a Bequest from Eve Smart, a long-time supporter of the Gallery, and herself a musician, writer and artist, with a 2010 GPAG exhibition entitled, “From Coast to Coast to Coast”.

The old Bank of Montreal Building, owned by Costa and Anastase Maragos, was to be the site of the new Gallery. Murray Drope was the Volunteer Project Manager and Riley McFerrin of Hinterland Design was the designer.

Many local tradesmen/women took part in this renovation. The 50 year old drywall and floor tile, contaminated with asbestos, was safely removed. The old bank vault with 16” concrete walls was converted into a kitchen, the concrete floors were polished revealing patterns etched into it. Walls were removed and new spaces created. The whole gallery is beautiful and has become a cultural focus for the Coast.

GPAG opened it’s new space in November with Hallelujah! a Tribute to Leonard Cohen in song, art, lectures and riffs on Leonard Cohen’s poetry. The show’s publicist was Esther North, Curator Manon Staiger.

The Gallery received an original, signed, limited edition print from Leonard Cohen.
President, Paul Clancy
Vice President, Joanna Mackenzie-Enga

public art installation Gibsons, youth arts programs on Sunshine Coast

2012 – 2013

January 2013 opened with an exhibition of Eve Smart’s work, bequested to the gallery.

Roberta Mauel produced a calender showing the work of 14 Coast artists.

Esther North designed new membership cards and gift calendar cards outlining 2013 exhibitions.

The very successful Canada Day, Bag o’ Books eco-bag Sale sponsored by the Gibsons Sunshine Coast Credit Union continued, with a new image by Greta Guzek.

The Gibson’s Poetry Society chose GPAG as its new reading venue. Other groups used the Gallery for Book Launches, Concerts and Films. The Gallery is a hive of activity and has become a popular rental venue in Gibsons.

GPAG now has a Gift Shop, managed by Jeanie Harlow, displaying works of jewelry, pottery, prints, cards, and textiles by Coast artists.

Shout Out 4, Young Makers Show, March 2013, attracted 120 young artists to exhibit their work. A public art piece was created: the wooden Bench outside the Gallery.
President, Paul Clancy
Vice President, Joanna Mackenzie-Enga

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