Opening reception: Saturday November 4, 2pm-4pm

Main Gallery:

In Wait | Full Circle Art Collective

Using the myth of Penelope from Homer’s Odyssey as a starting point, seven artists contemplated individually and communally what narratives are created as we actively wait for the tide to turn, crises to pass, re-establish connections, emotional awakening, coming to terms with aging, and eventually death.  The question became of identity-making: “Who am I when I wait?” (Mixed media.)

Eve Smart Gallery:

Re-Forest | Katherine Johnston

Trees as subject matter, and collage as medium, have been combined to create this exhibit.  Using recycled paintings, the canvasses are reinvented as collages.  Colours, values and texture are combined in sometimes startling new ways to create iconoclastic tree images, and to discover new methods of seeing a conventional subject. (Collage.)

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