MEET THE ARTIST: Saturday February 11th, 12 pm – 2 pm.

Emily van Lidth de Jeude is a social practice artist from Nex̱wlélex̱wem/Bowen Island, B.C. She has studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Netherlands, at Douglas College in New Westminster, B.C. and at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, B.C. She began working on this exhibition on Nex̱wlélex̱wem/Bowen Island and then interviewed people in other west coast locations, before completing part of the work and exhibiting it in Amsterdam. This is the first time w h a t . h o m e will be installed in B.C.

In this exhibition life-sized videos projected in an interactive matrix of hanging fabric explore the universality of the search for belonging and home. Thirty west coast residents from diverse backgrounds talk about thoughts and experiences of political and racial tension, privilege, homelessness, immigration, displacement, and colonialism in south coastal B.C. Longings for the landscapes of home and a sense of belonging persist across all cultures and times, as does the damage to people, landscapes, and culture by colonialism. Visitors to the gallery are invited to walk among the life-size projections, where movement and shadow cast by visitors become a part of the experience, and to contribute their own experiences and reflections of home.

On February, 11, CBC North by Northwest guest host Rohit Joseph spoke with Emily van Lidth de Jeude, the artist behind w h a t . h o m e. Listen to the interview here:

The artist would like to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

To watch a video of this exhibition, please see our YouTube channel.

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