Eve Smart, GPAG, Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Sunshine Coast art gallery benefactor

Eve Smart, A Retrospective

Jan 10 – Feb 4, 2013

Eve Smart was born in Bruce Mines, Ont., in 1924 to Gertrude Cook Alexander and Frank Alexander. When she was a baby, her father died of septicaemia, from a cut that became infected. Eve was the youngest of eight children and lived in the house which her father had built for his family in Bruce Mines until she left home to work in Sault Ste. Marie. There, Eve saw a sign which said “Enlist Now” and joined the Canadian Women’s Air Force. She said the days in the Canadian Air Force were among the happiest of her life.

After the war ended, Eve married George Smart, a banker. When George was transferred to Vancouver, Eve began taking courses in Commerce/Law, worked as a church secretary, and took painting classes.

In the late 70s, Eve moved to Gibsons, She joined the Arts Council and also played in the SC Community Orchestra. Eve was part of the Writers’ Forge group. Eve said, “I am blessed to have good friends”.

As a volunteer, Eve worked at the Gallery as a desk attendant until a sore knee prevented her using the stairs: (The former Gallery space was downstairs.) But she continued to support GPAG by making monthly donations. Eve took part in various open exhibitions at the Gallery in 2003, including “Gibsons Now”. She took part in “Visions of Home” and two Member/Artist shows, until she finally had her own exhibition, entitled “Coast to Coast to Coast”, in 2010. Her medium was both oil and acrylic paint.

Eve Smart is the Gallery’s Benefactor and Patron. GPAG’s new accessible space is the result of her generosity and the Eve Smart Gallery bears her name.
Thank you, Eve,
Patricia Drope

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