Opening reception: Saturday September 24, 2-4pm

Main Gallery:

Looseness in the Current | Margaret Witzsche

Margaret Witzsche’s work (semi-abstract paintings, and video poems) is inspired by the Fraser River: her love of the river, and an equally deep fear of it and for it. She takes as her theme how the Fraser is recovering from its many degradations, constantly renewing itself–in particular the action of the current on the river bed–while remaining a working river; the way the logs separate from booms to nurture new life forms; representations of cycles of life, of fish eggs and underwater river life.

Eve Smart Gallery:


Talking to Strangers | Bill Edmonds

“For the last two years I have been exploring the internet with a view to producing a body of work designed to promote a dialogue on anonymity and the release of personal information. The submitted works are inspired by the relationships formed with strangers over the internet. The images produced were based on images and texts sent to me by these strangers I met on social chat sites.”

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Nimbus Two Studio

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