My Conversations with Nature

April 3 – April 28, 2014

Inspired by an overwhelming sense of space, light and texture here on the Pacific West Coast, artist Marleen Vermeulen shares her impressions through oil-on-canvas paintings.

The beauty of the landscape talks to me…it is the starting point of my conversation with nature as I experience it, living life on the Pacific West Coast. My conversation is defined by three elements, which stand out for me in a very prominent way. Overlooking the ocean on a daily basis, expanse definitely is one of those elements hard to deny. The second prominent element is light, which to me is mesmerizing. It leaves a signature on whatever is present. It defines the moment as is. Last, but not least, the different textures as they play with my senses. The bark of a tree, the softness of the mosses, the sand on the beach, the smoothness of a reflection in the water….

My goal is to capture the beauty, the moment and the feeling the landscape shares with me, so I can share that experience with others. Painting for me on one hand is like a merger with nature; on the other hand there is this awareness of shaping the image.”

Isphotography transposed my vision of my solo exhibit “My Conversation With Nature” in the Gibsons Public Art Gallery in such a beautiful and touching way. I’m forever grateful! Thank you Ingeborg Suzanne Hardman. You are amazing! Thanks again to Ulrich Schaffer and Scott Bleackley for their contribution. This video truly reflects my work and intention.

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