Opening reception: Saturday, February 15 | 2pm-4pm

Main Gallery

‘Blind Contour Homage’ (oils) by Marlene Lowden

A celebration of Canadian female artists

This series emerged from Marlene Lowden’s captivation with female Canadian artists, many of whom are significantly under-recognized in the Canadian art canon. Their contributions, she feels, deserve to be celebrated as singular expressions of dedication, endurance and rebelliousness. She was awed by the challenges they faced and the sacrifices they made to pursue art as their life’s purpose.

‘Veil’ (sculpture) by Lucja Barker

“Clay is a transformative medium deceptively easy. With careful approach and strong foundation it yields to my creative will. I can take risks and channel emotions or recede into the familiar strength of its physical qualities. Deliberate lines familiar shapes forever frozen still with fire allows a glance into my world.”

Feb 17 Family Day

Blind Contour drawing workshop 2pm-3pm. (for a max of 20 – kids welcome over 10 years old)
FREE – please register at (604) 886-0531

Feb 22

Artist Talk and Meet the Artists 2pm – 4pm with Marlene lowden, Lucja Barker and Louise Valentine.

Eve Smart Gallery

‘What lies Beneath’ by Louise Valentine (pastel)

“Colour is my inspiration and obsession. Observing the multiple layers of colour juxtaposed in the landscape has awoken in me a need to describe and interpret what I am seeing. Pastels is a medium that is not well understood.  Made of pure pigment, combined with a binder, a stick of pastel can release the most concentrated colour onto a prepared ground. For several of the paintings I will show this in stages with photos of under painting and layering as the image is built. The final image will be on exhibit.”

Autumn Stroll

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