Meet the Artists: Thursday, August 31, 4pm – 6pm

In the Main Gallery

MARCIE ROHR | In Formation

Marcie Rohr presents In Formation, a series of contemporary abstract paintings exploring the connections between our bodies, emotions, and the spaces around us. Our bodies exist in a world that is becoming increasingly fast paced, and as a result demands of time, resources, and emotional energy are increasing and can overwhelm us. Her paintings serve as an exploration of our inner self and subconscious, helping us to navigate the nuances and complexities of our existence and our perceptions of reality and the world around us.

Marcie Rohr is an abstract contemporary painter living in Vancouver BC. She holds a B.F.A. with honors in Visual Design from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design and a B.Sc. in Nursing from the University of Alberta. Her work has been exhibited in Edmonton, Vancouver, Prince George, and New York.

To see a video of this exhibition, check out our YouTube channel.

In the Eve Smart Gallery

SARA FARIDAMIN | A Lived Temporality

A Lived Temporality captures the artist’s experience moving to three new cities over the course of 10 years; London, Montreal, and Vancouver. These three series of photographs, each taken from the artist’s window looking into the city below, illustrate the relationship between cities and ourselves and capture the rhythms of everyday life. They reveal how each individual experiences their own version of reality and reveal the alluring and often surprising nature of matters that may seem mundane on the surface.

Sara Faridamin holds a B.A in Photography from Azad University in Tehran, Iran; an M.A in Visual Communication from Sooreh University in Tehran; an M.A in Photography and Urban Culture from Goldsmiths University of London; and an M.F.A in Studio Arts – Photography from Concordia University, Montreal. She has an extensive background in graphic design and has exhibited her work in Tehran, Montreal, and London.

To see a video of this exhibition, check out our YouTube channel.

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