Meet the artists, Saturday August, 27 from 2pm – 4pm. Everyone is welcome.

In the Main Gallery:

Daniel Laskarin is a Victoria, BC – based artist. In the Remains of a Natural Condition he presents a collection of sculptures, varied in character, held together by an ongoing engagement between materiality, meaning and ideas. Each sculpture offers something that is almost familiar and always present, yet also signifying a sense of loss.

“My interests wander – I think of restless contemplation, of being unsettled, in a state of considering the people, situation, condition of things around me,” says Laskarin. “I am interested in work that operates as the precondition for critical awareness – I do not want to make a statement so much as to entertain uncertainty, the quest of a question.”

In the Eve Smart Gallery:

Shirley Wiebe is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, BC. She creates installation and sculptural work that explores the inter-relationship between physical geography and the built environment. Incidental Archive shares a collection of new work through transformation of accumulated materials. The feature installation ‘Nearby’ is created specifically for Gibsons Public Art Gallery and community. It amalgamates nature photos contributed by local Sunshine Coast individuals, cut, torn, and manipulated into alternative configurations and landscapes.

“All of my work is an invitation to participate with something ordinarily in the periphery… something fleeting,” notes Wiebe.

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