Sheryl Luxenburg
Title: Behind The Rain
Medium: watercolor

A never shown before watercolour from 2006, ‘Behind The Rain’ series.
This feels like a going covid crazy mood.

Frank Levine
Title: This is what happens when the virus hits home
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 30 X 40 inches
Richmond – previously from Langdale

One cannot escape the feeling of absolute despair that has been foist upon us by this invisible and unwelcome guest to our collective society. This is an impression of a typical North American city with its downtown skyscrapers, viewed from a distance, being washed over by a wave that smothers everything and everyone in sight. This is my visual statement on how I felt and still feel about this crisis but with the hope that the resilience and passion of the people peeping through this vision will be enough to keep the enemy at bay.

Signy Bjarnason
Title: Snail-killer Carabid
Medium: ink, paper
Dimensions: 9×12
instagram: trivial_significa

Mother and son nature-journaling after befriending and observing beetles on the forest floor. A welcome escape from the house. Bryn Richter 3 yrs old submission to follow.

Bryn Richter & Signy Bjarnason
Title: Dung Caterpillar Beetle
Medium: pencil, ink, oil pastel
Dimensions: 9×12
Child age: 3

Drawing by Bryn Richter, colour by Signy Bjarnason.
Mother and son nature-journaling after befriending and observing beetles on the forest floor. A welcome escape from the house.

Bodhi Drope
Medium: Spray can Mural
Artist Unknown

Came across this wonderful statement by a local muralist I believe as it was unsigned. I took the liberty of photographing it but sure would like to get the artist name for the records so to have when it is placed in the Museum archives for future generations.

Bodhi Drope
Title: Why should moms and dads have all the fun?
Medium: Digital graphic
Dimensions: 13Wx19H

Moms and dads with kids will get it!

Bodhi Drope
Title: A fine example
Digital graphic

Was standing in this very long line up when it struck me just how respectful everyone was and just how patient.
It just never seems to end for reasons to be living on the coast!! Actually I gave it up some 35 years ago!

Amber Petersen
Title: Quarantine Dream
Medium: Mixed Acrylic Mediums
Dimensions: 16 x 20 inches
Instagram: willabirdbyamber

Social distancing has caused a new paradigm for a lot of us. It’s caused us to turn inward and have bountiful time to self reflect, while at the same time looking outward at the whole world and feeling connected. This painting started in my two-week self quarantine after traveling and returning the day that Covid-19 was labeled a pandemic. It’s a little space of beauty, and looking out for one another, despite the fear in the world. I am also very much enjoying videos from around the world of animals returning to spaces they haven’t been in a long time. This pandemic has lead me to have strange dreams, and this painting is one of those dreams.

Ann-Marie Brown
Title: On The Edge
Medium: oil & encaustic

This painting of my nearby neighbour, Alana Jones, was sketched in at the end of last summer, when a quiet corner of solitude felt like a luxury. Context is everything, and as I returned to working on this piece in quarantine her languid gesture became melancholy.

Parkland community holds a weekly parade by the residence around their community to celebrate through acknowledgement for all the front line workers on the coast.

Judy McLarty
Title: Isolation Jazz
Medium: Acrylic, mixed media on stretched canvas, $350
Dimensions: 18″ X 24″

What goes through our bodies, hearts and heads during this isolation from each other and our broader communities? Perhaps the need to ‘break out’? Consider making art – any kind, any shape, any medium – to express your feelings. This is how I’m feeling right now. How about you?

Ross Powell
Title: Final Stage; Total Devastation 2020
Medium: Photoshop Collage

Part of a series (Stage One, Stage Two, etc.). An interesting thing about this collage is that the wings on the TrumpCherubs were already present in the photo I found, right where they appear behind his head. One of those eagle topped flag poles. I just cut it out.

Bodhi Drope
Title: You should have listened
Medium: Digital, graphic

Interesting how a visual can say more than words!

Judy McLarty & Ian MacLeod
Medium: Graphic design, using a small painting of Judy’s and Ian’s design talent.
Dimensions: 18″ x 24″ poster and a t-shirt

The week before the long Easter Weekend 2020, there was a level of alarm among Sunshine Coast permanent residents about the number of off-Coasters coming here for a holiday. The fear was that they’d bring COVID-19 with them and it would cause an outbreak here. This piece was a collaboration between Judy & Ian – using a concept & painting of Judy’s and graphic design by Ian, to encourage folks to help keep everyone safe.

Carolynn Doan
Title: Cliff Gilker Park
Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 14″ x 11″
Instagram: carolynn.doan

If this physical distancing has taught me one thing it is that I, like so many, live in the most magical place and because of that each and every day, gratitude will abound. Cliff Gilker Park is one of those magical spots which incidentally supplies a lifetime of painting opportunities for an artist. The trees, waterfalls and wildlife are a gift not to be missed.

Heather Waddell
Title: White Warrior

A time gone by

Makiko Kitama
Title: Lex the Ginger Cat
Medium: Pen on Paper
Dimensions: 12″x9″
Instagram: makikokitama

Spread the love for companion animals.
COVID-19 Social Distance gives me more time to hang out with my 2 cats at home to sketch and love them.

Marlene Lowden
Title: Home in bewilderment
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 30″ x 36″
Instagram: marlenelowden

The untidy mess of our forests and beaches are absolutely beautiful to me. I grew up in Gibsons as did my father and my grandmother so I guess this appreciation is in my blood. My art work is often inspired by our natural environment. This piece revealed itself slowly and I believe it represents the comfort I feel here at home, trying to navigate the uncertainty we all feel. It reminds me that beauty can be found in the chaos of it all.

Bodhi Drope
Title: Example of Social Distancing set up by our local retailers
Medium: Digital Graphic

I felt there should be some examples of how our usual daily lives have been seriously altered during this pandemic.

Ashley Sager
Title: Covid-19 Neighbourly
Medium: Photograph
Location: Franklin Street, Gibsons

Covid-19 has created an historical community art movement. Individuals and families are expressing and sharing how they are feeling, how they are coping, from humour like this tongue in cheek toilet paper offering down to the deepest core within oneself by art expressions of gratitude and appreciation to all our Health Care and Essential Workers. There are so many front yard installations, window decorations, and landscape creations the like of which we’ve never seen. Walk around your neighbourhood, really stop and experience this historical art movement created because of a pandemic. This is history in the making.

Thank you for submitting your artwork.
We’ve enjoyed sharing them with others in this venue for all to witness and for those unable to get out to see their community speak

Tamara Marr
Title: Sadangel
Medium: Oil Paint with palette knife
Dimensions: 16 x 24

This is an original palette knife oil painting depicting fallen angels sadness and despair over the state of the worlds pandemic.

Sai Won Shan
Title: The Wood
Instagram: Sleefu

In isolation with our own thoughts and emotions, I hope everyone can find their way out. Just keep in mind that the wood grow along with us.

Jim Christie
Medium: Acrylic and shells on wood

During my act of social distancing I collected mussels from Davis Bay and wondered how I could create something from these cast aside shells. I had some left over plywood and some acrylic paint which resulted in the attached submission.

Jim Christie
Title: Breaching Orca
Medium: Acrylic and shells on wood

During my act of social distancing I collected mussels from Davis Bay and wondered how I could create something from these cast aside shells. I had some left over plywood and some acrylic paint which resulted in the attached submission.

Nicola Blakey
Title: Hope
9″ x 12″ Acrylic on board

My idea was born out of the Chinese year of the Rat. Then the purple rain appeared and then the shut down too. So the word Hope seemed more appropriate to me. I do enjoy painting animals and birds in interesting situations, so this Rat is noticing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Nhi Bui
Title: Tet 2020

Be safe. Stay home 🙂

Alan Sirulnikoff
Title: Fatsia
Medium: photograph

Anxiety. Mystery. Fear. Wonder.

Jessica Jolicoeur
Title: American Goldfinch and nest
Medium: Colour Pencil on paper
Dimensions: 10″x8″
Instagram: jessicajolicoeurart

During this quarantine, I have had the opportunity to reevaluate what is important to me.
To slow down and take stock of the world around me. Many people are having a very difficult time just taking care of their families and many more are dealing with the realities of families who are succumbing to the realities of the covid19 virus.

I have been trying to do my part and stay home, stay quarantined, and only go out when I have to and take precautions when I do. Being home has given me the opportunity to enjoy a slower pace, to take more time to observe and listen to the life around me daily. As a naturist, I am inspired by the flora and fauna around me, using my talent to share a little beauty with others and hopefully release others from the worry and fret that they may feel at this troubling time.

Lori Sokoluk
Title: Black Pool Blue Pool 2
Medium: acrylic and mixed media on canvas
Dimensions: 36″x36″
Instagram: lorisokoluk

I miss being able to visit Secret Cove, but this painting encapsulates what I remember of it’s beauty and mystery.

Judy McLarty
Title: Spent Flower
Medium: Photograph on my iPhone

In response to the pandemic, Coast businesses have become extremely innovative in their “No Touch’ offerings. Coastal Weddings and Cheeky Monkey Cupcakes offered a special delivery of a stunning floral arrangement and a half dozen yummy cupcakes for Easter weekend. This gorgeous flower from my arrangement is almost completely spent, but a powerful poignancy struck me in this time of isolation.

Judy McLarty
Title: Stayin’ Home, Savin’ Lives!
Medium: Acrylics on stretched canvas
Dimensions: 18″ X 24″

What is going on in this house?? I’ll leave it to your imagination! While we need to Stay Home to Save Lives Coasters are, their usual inimitable fashion, demonstrating the creativity and community spirit that is the envy of the world…..YES, I mean that! Thanks to all of you for doing everything you’re doing to get us through this. With LOVE.

Carolynn Doan
Title: Trail At Crescent Beach
Dimensions: 14″ x 11″
Instagram: carolynn.doan

I have been painting from old photographs for the last couple of weeks. Revisiting less stressful times I suppose. I seem to be drawn to images filled with light, natural world and travel. Not sure that signifies anything profound but it sure feels good spending time in my studio, listening to music, relentlessly trying to capture the feeling of freedom….

Brian Romer
Title: Down Ripple Way
Medium: Acrylic on board.
Dimensions: 12″x16″
Instagram: romer.painter

There is light at the end of…
Ripple Way.

Alan Sirulnikoff
Title: Beach Watch
Medium: photography

Alert. Watching. Being Watched. Watch Out.

Alan Sirulnikoff
Title: Lost Innocence
Medium: photography

This image was made during a trip to Oregon, at a roadside pullout, just before things began to close down. The anxiety level was on the rise with each day as there were so many unknowns.

Marilyn Sadik
Title: Red Sky at Night
Medium: acrylic and gold leaf
Dimensions: 30 x 40
Instagram: silkyspyder

Red Sky at Night is a phrase indicating good weather tomorrow. Although the stressful times we are in now may seem a little dark we have hope of much brighter and happier times ahead. I am sure we can all weather this together and come into the “better” weather to come.

Blessings to all in whatever this virus brings your way.

Ann Nicholson
Title: Day and Night
Medium: gel print, collage
Dimensions: 10×10
Instagram: nicholson-credo

Day and night, day and night, day and night…

Ann Nicholson
Title: Connections
Medium: gel print, collage
Dimensions: 10×10
Instagram: nicholson-credo

This collage is about connection: connections between the separations within the piece, and renewed connections for me with art.

Elizabeth A. Evans
Title: Sunshine and Lollipops
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 9 x 12

As an artist who paints kids, I wanted to show the effect on children of the Covid isolation.
She told me “the only friend I can hug right now is my Teddy.
The lollipops present a colourful field of flowers from a child’s perspective.
The sun, of course, brings light and warmth to a troubled day.

Janice Caine
Title: Looking back
Medium: Acrylic and pastel paint
Dimensions: 6 x 4

I began this painting awhile back and it’s o my recently I felt called to complete it. Looking back she is deciding what to leave behind and what to bring forward now that life has been altered by this pandemic

Corinne Barber
Title: Harbinger
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 24×30″
Instagram: corinnebarber

Perhaps we are on the cusp of a “Prodigal Summer” like the Barbara Kingsolver novel. Crows and their noisy babies symbolize the coming of a new season. I had a pet crow as a child. To me they are just another part of the web of life but to some they seem sinister. I was inspired to paint this crow to reflect the duality of my emotions at this time.

Mayor Bill Beamish
Title: Gibsons Knitting Group

Tuesday ladies knitting circle found a clever way to enjoying each other, the fresh air and a beautiful view overlooking the harbour! I was pleased they all agreed to be in my photograph.

Sandy Kay
Title: What’s Up Is Down
Dimensions: 60″ x 24″
Instagram: sandykayart

I am working abstractly now, no object to focus on, just pushing emotion onto the canvas… finding it difficult to paint.

This painting reflects the emotional uncertainty we are experiencing.Very succinct that I’m uncertain this is finished. Much like our living experience now, all we know has shifted and is “upside down”. Many of our actions now are the opposite of what we did before Covid-19. This change gives us an opportunity to find the beauty in new ways of being.

Julia G Dodge
Title: Balance
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 3’/4′

To reflect on Balance Rock is an example of nature’s power.

Elaine Seepish
Title: Keep Your Distance
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 12″x12″
Instagram: elaineseepishcoastart

My inspiration for this painting was the first image I saw regarding social distancing, a photo of a business in Europe with large red circles on its floor like big lily pads for people to land on. The painting was spontaneous. I resisted tinkering with it as I consider it part of my diary of this life-changing (and, I hope, earth-changing) experience. The text at the bottom was cut off intentionally, along with the receding “landing pads” to express the uncertainty of how long we will have to keep away from one another.

Liz Christian
Title: Amis
Medium: Acrylic
Dimensions: 48X48
Instagram: Lizchristian2025

What a wonderful gift of joyful and interesting visuals GPAG is offering all of us on the Sunshine Coast virtually during this challenging time of seclusion. A bright light everyday to see and be introduced to a different beautiful creation from one of our own coast artists. Enjoy the tour. Thank you GPAG. Hope we all will be literally walking through your doors soon.

Joseph Laquerre
Title: Easter wishes
Medium: pencil, pen and ink, + digital color
Dimensions: 5.5 inches by 6.5 inches

I would like to see everyone on the coast stay safe and healthy.

Joseph Laquerre
Title: Valentine wishes during Covid 19 times
Medium: pencil, pen and ink, + digital color
Dimensions: 5 inches by 6.5 inches

Let’s hope this pandemic will be over soon. All the best.

Mudito Drope
Title: Nature Journal
Medium: Watercolour and Ink
Dimensions: 6.25 x 8.5

The start of the Pandemic coincided with my discovery of a course in Nature Journaling. My daily work on this has eased the difficulties of the current situation. I miss the family and the grandkids but find contentment “Alive in the present moment, held in the arms of nature”
I am recording the sights and sounds of my backyard and my neighbourhood, and some of my favourite poetry.

Christy Sverre
Title: Red Vase
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 24″ x 24″
Instagram: christysverreart

I find myself returning to a favorite subject, the flower. I cannot be sad and brooding when I am surrounded by them so I am painting them again. It helps me stay optimistic in these trying times.

Jan Poynter
Title: Three Boats – Porpoise Bay tidal
Medium: Acrylic on board
Dimensions: 9in x 12in

Jan Poynter
Title: Spring Green – overlook West Howe Sound
Medium: Acrylic on board
Dimensions: 8in x 10in

Jan Poynter
Title: Booming Yard & Swans. McNair Creek.
Medium: Acrylic on board
Dimensions: 8in x 8in

Jan Poynter
Title: A Patch of Blue – Porpoise Bay
Medium: Acrylic on board
Dimensions: 8in x 10in

Jan Poynter
Instagram: jan.poynter

I do original paintings on location – painting plein air – in insolation and at a distance from others. I have always done this by choice – but during this time of enforced isolation my plein air activities have given me great joy and solace. It is like a meditation to be on site watching the changing light and focusing on details in the surrounding landscape. Some of the work is inspiration for larger paintings in the studio – but the act of painting small works on site enhances my creative satisfaction. So much beauty and more time to appreciate it.

Marleen Vermeulen
Title: Safe Haven
Medium: Oil and sand on canvas
Dimensions: 48″x48″
Instagram: marleenvermeulen

Let’s radically accept what doesn’t quite fit into our expectations and weave it into our experience to create space for new possibility…. ????

Karen Webb
Title: Up In Flames
Medium: Pencil Crayon
Dimensions: 12″ X 9″

Being very respectful of all our frontline workers and emergency service personnel, we need to stay home. This is an illustration I just completed for a children’s book I wrote on First Responders. Our Firefighters on the coast are volunteers. They come in all shapes and sizes and ages. Both my husband and daughter are firefighters. Let’s recognize how quickly random events can happen, that expose these people to others and danger. Currently, the firefighters are on a special call out duty roster to lessen their exposure to each other. Let’s be respectful of that and minimize our travel during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Bodhi Drope
Title: Keep your distance Or Else
Medium: Digital graphic
Dimensions: 13.75″Hx12.5″H

During this epidemic the most controversial topic is the wearing of face masks and social distancing. It is still quite amazing to find individuals in our community who seem to have difficulty exercising what appears as rational thinking! Thankfully it is only a rather few in numbers.

I woke up one morning with this image and proceeded to bring it into reality.

Bodhi Drope
Title: High Fashion Clan Face Masks
Medium: Computer generated graphic
Dimensions: 15″Wx17″H

It has been interesting observing how the face mask has become such a creative statement around the world. A true icon of the 2020 period!

Bodhi Drope
Title: Sadness from the President
Medium: Digital graphic
Dimensions: 10″Wx26″H

It is from great sadness I have to announce our factory closer.

Clare Wilkening
Title: Cottonwood Leaves
Medium: Pencil, ink, collage
Dimensions: 13 x 20 “
Instagram: clarewilkening

Cottonwoods are some of the most calming trees to me. The smell of the resin from the leafs buds, the wind rushing through the leaves, and the presence of their huge trunks and branches. I think of them when I need to calm my anxieties.

Nurit Davicioni
Title: Starting to sea
Medium: Acrylic paint pens
Dimensions: 15 x 22 cm
Instagram: rockindeed

When we cannot see what’s underneath, we should dive in…

Andrea Pratt
Title: Cacophony
Medium: coloured pencil and gelpen on black paper
Dimensions: 14″ x 14″
Instagram: andreaprattart

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a lot of noise and turmoil for us to navigate on a daily basis. Luckily, we live on the Sunshine Coast where nature and the community can counteract the cacophony that we’re all facing.

Claude Perreault
Title: Grace
Medium: clay
Dimensions: 10″ x 9″

This is a life size clay bas relief portrait of my great niece Grace. My heart goes out to children the world over living with the fear of this pandemic. The stress and anxiety from parents spills over to them. It’s important to help and protect them during this time as they are the world’s future.

Ann-Marie Brown
Title: Dancing Alone
Medium: oil & encaustic
Dimensions: 36 inches x 36 inches

I’m working this Spring on a series of paintings called the Quarantine Suite. This one had a working title of “A Terribly Unromantic Time to Come of Age” (for Beachcombers buffs-it was a phrase I remember L.S. Strange, creator of the show, saying to her daughter & I in the 90’s: when we were the ones coming of age, and the world couldn’t have imagined this moment). I ache for the young. This flame of a girl (Sophie Malcolmson) is a dancer who lights up the stage & is now dancing alone. None of us know when this will end, or what is going to happen next, but my hope, in documenting this moment in paint is to, in the words of Anna Belle Kaufman, “leave something of sweetness and substance in the mouth of the world”.

Nancy Blanchard
Medium: Acrylic on archival paper.
Dimensions: 6 x 6
Instagram: nancyblanchardart

Week 10 of social distancing.
Happy hour at home and zoom calls.

RoseAnn Janzen
Title: The Cookie Jar
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 24×20

During these bizarre & unusual times, I feel lucky to be a painter. Normally I paint from my travels but being stuck at home, I am forced to paint my surroundings – hence ‘The Cookie Jar.’

Ellen Heale
Title: The Journey
Medium: Mixed media on wood board
Dimensions: 17 x 11
Instagram: elheale

As we journey through our daily lives, we are being guided along by the currents surrounding us… much like ocean life. Health advisories, actions to take, events that are no longer normal. Danger is about, we must be thoughtful and cautious. But we must survive and take delight in our family, friends, the kindness of strangers, and the beauty of our immediate surroundings.

Lori S. Pickering
Title: Trepidation
Medium: Acrylic on board
Dimensions: 10×27 inches
Instagram: l.s.pickering

This painting reflects the trepidation I feel about the future of our society after this pandemic has passed. Will we become more insular, paranoid, self-absorbed?

Or will we have learned about existential threats, see the big picture, and take action on climate change to prevent another global catastrophe? What is on the horizon?

Andrea Coates
Title: Self Portrait
Medium: Mixed Media
Dimensions: 24″ x 20″
Instagram: ashc4444

A fun self portrait collage incorporating acrylics, fabric, paper and pen elements, I created this piece after being laid off during the Covid-19 pandemic, mostly to keep busy and happy.

Janice Caine
Title: Jump for Joy
Medium: Pastels
Dimensions: 30 x 30 inches

As an artist I relish time alone to paint and write. In the past my paintings have been monochromatic. This can be a trying time but I kept thinking of my parents who fought in WW2. Nobody knew if they were alive or dead. We are only being asked to stay home.

I felt inspired then to invest in color and dance with it across the canvas.
We can get through this! We live in an amazingly tight community!



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