Linda Nardelli and Vern Minard

Inn Saei

The title, Inn Saei, represents the nature of our inner world of feelings and imagination. Inn Saei is an ancient Icelandic word for intuition, which means “to see from the inside out”. It signifies having a strong inner compass to navigate our way in an ever-changing world.

Linda Nardelli creates works of art that evoke deep feeling and mystery, that flow well with Vern Minard’s photography and with their collaborative pieces. The purpose of their collaborative artwork is to share how two creative endeavours can find common ground and intuitive understanding, and ultimately express a unified whole.

Vern Minard seeks the natural aesthetics within the simplicity of life, to create images that are meaningful and evocative.  Recent work consists of scenic vistas in Chile, images that express diversity and the power of nature – as well as a West Coast project, photographing nursing trees, stumps, and logs as a retrospective of the cedar shingle industry.

His work is a series of photographs that best express the inner world of feeling and perception, and that combine well with Linda Nardelli’s abstract work.

Each artist’s work speaks for itself, but their different styles merge in a collaborative spirit. They seek to incorporate their work in such a way that viewers can lose themselves in their own subjective experience

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