January 13, 2022

The safety of our volunteers and community continues to be our top priority. We are following all BC Public Health Orders and COVID 19 safety guidelines for public spaces and public art galleries. Masks continue to be mandatory; our front desk is protected/separated by plexiglass; social distancing and hand sanitizing are required when in the Gallery. Ventilation is high and all touch surfaces are disinfected regularly.

At this time, vaccine passports are not mandated or required for general admission to the Gallery but will be required for special events such as receptions, workshops, etc. Currently, we are keeping our exhibitions and programming as simple and safe as possible by not hosting opening/closing receptions or in-person workshops. Our meetings are held virtually. We feel this is the safest way to proceed for the time being. We thank you for your continued understanding and support of our volunteer-driven public gallery.

For further information please contact: Christina Symons: info@gpag.ca Gallery Manager, Gibsons Public Art Gallery

July 01, 2021

We are working hard to keep the Gallery open and operating safely during BC’s Restart Plan. We are currently in Step 3.

Some protocols at GPAG have been adjusted, while the safety of our volunteers, guests and staff, remains our top priority.

Firstly, if you or anyone in your family feels sick, stay home, self-monitor and get tested immediately, if necessary.

As per BC Public Health, masks are no longer mandatory but are still recommended in public indoor settings until people are fully vaccinated. As such, we will continue to ask guests, volunteers and staff to wear masks while in the Gallery. We will continue to offer complimentary masks to visitors. We appreciate your kindness and cooperation.

We no longer have to restrict numbers of visitors in the Gallery. Plexi-glass barriers remain in place and we ask that you also practice social distancing.

Hand sanitizer will continue to be provided and volunteers are asked to continue to disinfect contact surfaces several times during each shift, or as often as needed in high-touch areas.

Indoor benches/seating will be returned to the Gallery and the lower washroom will be re-opened to the public.

In-person Board and other meetings may now be held in the Gallery. We will begin to plan in-person events over the coming months, with a maximum capacity of 50 people.

The Gallery will shift from our Covid-19 Safety Plan to a new Communicable Disease Prevention Plan following guidance from WorkSafe BC.

For further information please contact: Christina Symons: info@gpag.ca Gibsons Public Art Gallery

Monday May 18, 2020

Gibsons Public Art Gallery is pleased to announce that, in line with guidance from BC’s Restart Plan, we will reopen on Thursday May 21 at 11am.  Subsequent opening hours will be as before we shut down: Thursday through Monday: 11am to 4pm

  • We will be restricting admittance to 6 visitors at a time.
  • Washrooms and the kitchen will be closed to the public.
  • Entry to confined spaces will be strictly limited.
  • Plexiglas has been installed at the reception desk, and demarcations will be in place inside and outside the gallery, to encourage safe physical distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer will be freely available, and frequently used areas and items will be disinfected after each use.
  • Protocols and reminders will provide safety guidance to staff and visitors.
  • We will be respectfully asking visitors with respiratory symptoms and those who have been exposed to Covid-19 to refrain from entering during the current time period.

As we move ahead in the following months, GPAG will continue to be guided by Provincial Health recommendations.

For further information:       Michael Aze: info@gpag.ca Gibsons Public Art Gallery


Out of an abundance of caution at this time, GPAG is postponing the opening reception for Shout Out, on Saturday March 14. Shout Out, the exhibition, remains open. We also announce the postponement of Hiroshi Shimazaki’s workshops on March 15, 21 and 28.

Leslie Thomson, President of GPAG issued the following statement:

As the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) begins to have an increased impact on our communities, here on the Coast, we feel it is important to connect directly with you to share more about the steps we’re taking across our gallery to help keep you, our employee, our Volunteers and our communities safe and healthy.

Our hearts go out to all those who have been effected. The health and safety of our guests and staff have always been our top priority, and this is a rapidly evolving situation that we will continue to monitor on a daily bases. Our gallery is now sanitized daily as part of our normal course of business. Over the past few weeks, we have increased the frequency and extent of this cleaning. We are also ensuring our staff and volunteers have the information they need to stay healthy or stay home if they aren’t feeling well. All of these practices and business decisions are informed by guidance from the B.C Health Department, CDC and WHO – along with guidance from local and town authorities. Based on the guidance we received from various departments, we are confident our gallery continues to be safe, and we remain open for business.

When it comes to attending events and activities in your community, here are a few guidelines you can keep in mind:

If you are sick, stay at home or avoid contact with others.

Don’t attend an event if you’ve had contact with an infected person or visited a high risk region during the past two weeks.

Consider greeting other members with a friendly wave rather than a handshake.

You may notice event cancellations in the coming weeks, depending on the impact of COVID-19 in our location. However, once it is safe to do so again, we are looking forward to fully resuming with the events and activity you know and love in our community.

Thank You for being a loyal customer of the Gibsons Public Art Gallery

For more info info@gpag.ca

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