2012 Exhibitions

Hallelujah! : Tribute to songs of Leonard Cohen

November 17 – December 10, 2012

Hallelujah! A Tribute to the Songs of Leonard Cohen in Visual Art – including painting, sculpture, fabric arts, video and mixed-media. Works by 52 artists inspired by the songs of Leonard Cohen.

Curator: Manon Staiger

Read more about this inaugural exhibition in GPAG’s new street level location.

Rayann Gordon : The Sitting Room

September 22 – October 15, 2012

Multimedia artist Rayann Gordon’s The Sitting Room invited viewers to come in and sit down to experience the contemplative installation of environmental sculpture, video projection and sound.

Manon Staiger : Media Landslide

August 23 – September 17, 2012

In the Eve Smart Room, Painter Manon Staiger delivers a series of acrylic paintings, references to the constant barrage of media news reports on our memory.

Krista Maurer

August 23 – September 17, 2012

Garden Bay painter Krista Maurer employed mixed media and an abundance of black and white to represent the face of humanity and magnified views of nature in her exhibition Faces and Places.

Generously sponsored by Kenan Mackenzie of Prudential, Sussex Realty.

Homecoming 2012

July 19 – August 20, 2012

Invitational exhibition Homecoming welcomed artists from the Sunshine Coast back for a celebration of their accomplishments. Reception was held on July the 21st, at 2 pm.

Bruce Edwards
Paula Clancy
Elizabeth Haines
Rosemary Hanna
Sara Lipi
Agnete Newman
Meg Trowl

Sponsored by Kenan MacKenzie, Prudential Sussex Realty.

Roberta Mauel : Watercolours

June 14 – July 16, 2012

In the Eve Smart Room, watercolourist Roberta Mauel applies delicate hues and tones to capture the essence of water and light on scenes of the Sunshine Coast.

Carol Whittaker : In Praise of Trees

June 14 – July 16, 2012

With bold, textural strokes of acrylic, Carol captures the play of colour and light, and the sublime accord of terrestrial ecosystem. In her own words, “Trees surround us on the Sunshine Coast, and often highlight our short- sighted way of seeing the world. They grow, decay and grow again, providing houses for birds and cities for insects. Trees provide oxygen, soil, noise – and silence. For the artist, they’re inspiring. The dignity of trees help us to copy their grace and strength. Time creeps for these sentinels of nature. What does Monday mean to a tree? In this show, I hope to have captured a reason for us to always remain “In Praise of Trees.”

Sponsored by Diana Starbuck of Prudential Sussex.

Elaine Hunter : The Other Dimension

May 17 – June 11, 2012

Halfmoon Bay photographer Elaine Hunter focused on B.C., The Other Dimension with her sixth sense to draw viewers ever more deeply into the super-natural province she now calls home.

The show was generously sponsored by Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons, BC.

Leanne Spanza : Viewpoints

April 19 – My 14, 2012

Painter Leanne Spanza strips away distractions to lead viewers into Viewpoints of West Coast land and seascapes, with boldly defined lines and vibrant colours.

This show was generously sponsored by B&K Garden & Landscape Supply.

Shout Out with WaterCan/EauVive

March 15 – April 16, 2012

Shout Out with WaterCan/EauVive brought together more than 70 young artists, a team of mentor-curators and internationally acclaimed photographer Peter Bregg to spotlight the “Water for Africa” issue. WATERCAN is a leading Canadian water charity dedicated to fighting global poverty by helping the world’s poorest people gain access to clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene education.

Thanks to our sponsors:
Province of BC – Gaming Corporation
Sunnycrest Mall
Dr. Andrew Mackenzie Inc.
Kidzsmart Concepts Inc.
Woods Showcase

Mixed media, collage, installation art, GPAG, Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Sunshine Coast art gallery, Sechelt

Remnants : Strained, Stained & Stitched : Amelia Epp

February 9 – March 12, 2012

Amelia transformed recycled and found materials to create sculptures, prints, collages, drawings, paintings and mixed-media works for her Remnants and Sampler series.

A Birder’s Journey : Bodhi Drope

January 12 – February 6, 2012

Bodhi Drope’s digitally enhanced images revealed the joy of discovering rare birds in their exotic North and South American habitats.

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